Keeping Up With The Trends

Written by Brittany Prats

Edited by Allison Herrera

We get asked ALL THE TIME how we keep up with trends as well as we do. People always want to know how we keep up with trending “skits”, trending audio, trending jokes…all trends in general. It’s really not that hard, people! Just keep scrolling. 😉

It may sound basic, but that’s our number one tip. Listen, who said marketing had to be super hard? Here’s a hint, if you’re not on TikTok right now, that’s a problem. Maybe that sounds a little harsh; but to be honest, TikTok is the hot spot for trends at the moment.

You’ll probably notice that as you scroll, you’ll hear the same sound or see the same type of video over & over again. We’re sure you’re wondering why this is happening, & we’re gonna let you take a guess. Okay, we’ll give you three seconds.


When something is trending, trust us – it’s all you’ll see, & you need to take note of that. The hard part isn’t necessarily finding the trends, but it’s applying them in a strategic manner that makes sense to the brand.

In order to find the trend, just scroll through your favorite social media platform for an hour or two – maybe even watch the news. We guarantee you’re bound to find a few that you can play off of. Let’s get into the real problem at hand. How in the world do you make some random trend applicable to your company? Brainstorm, baby!

The ideas probably won’t always come to you naturally, & that’s okay! Just sit down & think about how you can make the most out of it. More importantly, look at other people’s accounts for inspiration. I guarantee, there is someone else in your field who is doing an AMAZING job at keeping up with trends, so find inspiration from that brand.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to actually know that something is trending. Say you see something & while YOU have seen it a million times, you aren’t sure that everyone else is seeing the same thing. An easy way to find out is by tapping on the sound & seeing how many videos have been made – if it’s a lot, then you have a winner!

Hey, we get it, being a trendsetter (or even just a trend follower) isn’t the easiest thing in the world – but that’s why you have Uptown Girl Media to help you get there!

Of course there are a few more secrets we have up our sleeve for trends – the Uptown Girls spend hours researching & scrolling to find trends, so you don’t have to. We’re always up to date on the hottest trends, & have the expert creative mind to apply them in a way that will suit your business best (& even get people talking). Give us a call, & let’s  get trendy!

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