• Written by Becca Miller

    Edited by Allison Herrera⁣

    It may come as no surprise that marketing is telling consumers why they should go with you or your brand. Don’t worry, we know that marketing is more complex…we just wanted to keep things simple. This is that blog post. We’re breaking down for you exactly why we’re the best pick for you & your business.

    For starters, we’re locally owned and operated, meaning that you are not just some client on a long list of others. It means that we are working with you in developing and executing your marketing plan. This isn’t a plug and chug kind of partnership. After all, you are the experts in your field, and we’re the experts in ours.

    Next, we take your numbers, analyze them, and come up with explanations and recommendations for what your data is telling us. Numbers don’t lie, and we want to be able to understand what they are telling us so we can move forward with an effective marketing strategy.

    We are hands on…and we mean it! Now, we’re not as bad as those car warranty calls; BUT, we always want to make sure that we have an open line of communication with our clients. We also keep your marketing plan up to date. For example, we like to keep your social media calendar fluid. So even though we have our strategies laid out, we can always adjust it to meet the needs of this ever-changing world. After all, this past year has been ever changing, and we’ve all learned to pivot at the drop of a hat.

    Next, we’re the most up-to-date, in terms of education and staying on top in our industry. We are constantly evolving and educating our staff. Even within the past couple of years, our digital world and footprints have evolved immensely. Not only do we keep each other accountable for new tools, technologies, algorithms, and everything in between, but we also share these exciting insights with our community! As you can see, we’ve dedicated time and research into crafting exciting new blog posts for our community to learn with us. Sharing is caring!

    Finally, we are here for you! We know, this sounds similar to what’s above, but our customer service is above and beyond. We are fully committed to you and your needs, because when you become a client of ours, we then transform into investors of your brand and business. We customize packages and provide you with the ultimate marketing experience that’s perfectly tailored for your business!

    Think you’re ready to work with us? Give us a call and let’s start chatting!

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