Add Yours

Written by Allison Herrera

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve most likely noticed a new “Add Yours” sticker feature! This new sticker feature is unlike any other on the app.

The “Add Yours” sticker promotes the core existence of social media – community engagement. This feature also boosts brand exposure. This sticker is exactly as it sounds: you add your own content in accordance to the prompt shared by a user. The “Add Yours” sticker is essentially a fun way which users can create viral chains of content within Instagram through responding to other users’ stories.






For example, a users with access to this feature can post a story with a “Add Yours” sticker highlighting a custom prompt for their community, such as “outfit of the day”. This then guides followers in adding their own outfit of the day picture via the feature by simply pressing on the sticker & sharing it on their own stories – swiping up to add media from their camera roll.







As for brand exposure, a chain reaction begins every time a user shares an “Add Yours” sticker on stories. When an account shares an “Add Yours” sticker, the original creator’s name shows up on every single participant’s shared sticker. This is a big deal in terms of brand exposure; because if you’re the original creator, your name is circulated on every account interacting with your “Add Yours” sticker. This means hundreds of thousands of accounts could potentially see your “Ask Yours” sticker & discover your profile. This is also a gateway for conversation starters, as you can see which of your followers are joining in on the chain.






The “Add Yours” sticker primarily focuses on building community; so even if the Instagram gods haven’t graced your profile with this feature yet, you can still participate in the “Add Yours” sticker chain as you see them develop on stories! While Instagram rolls out this feature on more & more accounts, now is your opportunity to flourish in creativity & implement this sticker into your social media strategy. So, jump on this chain reaction!

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