Adidas – Built for Community

  • Written by Blake Ecuyer

    Edited by Allison Herrera⁣

    Adidas, one the world’s most recognizable athletic brands, has captured lightning in a bottle. Their apps, “Adidas Running” and “Adidas Training”, have fostered a new community. Adidas has carved something unique out for themselves by combining a workout with the social aspect of being in the gym all from your phone. As we all know, the pandemic was stressful, but more so because some of us were alone. The two apps in question help connect people running and training with other people near them and who share a joint interest. The company welcomes you to the team when you join the app and welcomes you to the community of users. The app allows you to befriend other people on the app much like social media while combining the workout aspect.

    Adidas is one company using digital to their advantage, unlocking an authentic potential of fostering this community. Social media is similar in terms of focusing on engaging clients, as Adidas is with their apps. Similar to Adidas’s apps, social media creates a strong client connection, therefore, having more supporters. Think about that for a second. Client relations are stronger with a connecting variable, and the variable for Adidas is digital…their apps. Like apps, digital marketing (such as social media) promotes customer loyalty.

    Most people may see this as another athletic company pushing an app; but to us, this is authentic and organic digital marketing. By using a social media aspect on their apps they allow people to form a sense of community around this one brand.

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