All About GIFs

Written by Becca Miller⁣
Edited by Allison Herrera⁣

Let’s talk about GIFs baby!⁣

You know, the moving images that we love to send to our friends to express our deepest and truest emotions. These magical little images hold more power than you think, which is why we’re diving into how to step up your GIF game.

First and foremost, we have to set the record straight – it’s GIF with a hard “g”, not GIF with a soft “j” sound. If you take the soft “j” route, it sounds like the peanut butter brand. While, the hard “g” stems from its technical name, graphics interchange format. Therefore, the “g” is pronounced like it is in graphics.⁣

Now that you know how to pronounce it, it’s time to learn how to use them and where to get them!⁣

Just as easy as you can Google that one guy from that one movie, you can Google image search a GIF. So let’s say I search “yay gif”, a variety of different gifs that were created from movies, tv shows, original content and so much more will pop up for use. Below is one of my personal favorites.
You can also use apps like Giphy to find something specific or you just want more variety, either way you’re bound to find a GIF that matches your message.⁣

What are some of the perks of using GIFS? Well, for starters they’re mobile friendly, which we all know that mobile is queen.
But, they also enhance learning for consumers. According to research done by the University of Minnesota, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words. So take advantage of a GIF to educate your customers.⁣

Finally, GIFs are just really fun and bring personality to your brand, which help connect your customers to you. Connection with your customers is a key component to keeping them loyal to you or your brand.⁣

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s dive in on how to use these in marketing.
Like we said earlier, GIFs are a great way to introduce your customers to your brand personality. You can use gifs that are already created or create your own! If you create your own GIFs then you have more branding control.⁣

Speaking of creating your own GIFs, turn your products or services into one! Now, not only do you have images and video of your products, but also a GIF that you AND OTHERS can share. Take Nike’s image below, which can be used as a sticker for Instagram stories. This GIF allows Nike’s brand and their new products to be shared when customers use the sticker. Since this image appears to be a woman in a good mood, customers can add that to a story about something special happening to them; and now, this Nike image will be shared by customers and seen by potential customers.
Next, you can use GIFs as ads or in emails! Whoop whoop! We love when we can use trendy imagery for marketing – it can really get the creative juices flowing and appeal to a younger and more engaging audience.⁣

To wrap things up we have one last tip. Use a GIF for highlighting something important. So think about sales or introducing a new product in a different way than you’ve been doing. Take Ann Taylor’s “something big” announcement. The moving letters engage the audience to read the full image instead of just scrolling through or clicking away.
Think you’re ready to take a dive into the GIF world? We’re happy to help you bring your vision to life and create stunning GIFS to help you grow and engage with your customers. Shoot us a call, email or DM today at Uptown Girl Media – we’re ready to work with you!
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