Authenticity In Marketing

Written by Brittany Prats

Edited by Allison Herrera⁣

I’m sure we’re all wondering how to get consumers to truly connect with your brand. Something that consumers connect to the most is authenticity. Creating an authentic experience for your consumers is crucial in establishing that relationship of trust.

While Marketing can easily become inauthentic at times, it’s important to always steer back to that idea of authenticity. You want your consumers to trust your brand – this makes them speak highly of you to bring in more customers, and more importantly, makes them come back. It can be hard for marketers to figure out how to be credible in a community that is filled with so many opposing forces…so let’s break it down!

There was a new study in the Journal of Marketing that explained the way a consumer determines authenticy with six characteristics: accuracy, integrity, legitimacy, proficiency, connectedness, and originality. While these are all pretty straightforward, it’s important to fully understand them and to (try) to keep them integrated in every strategy. Including these elements in everything you do will build your brand’s credibility, which creates a more trusting relationship with your consumers. What happens when you combine your brand being seen as credible and trusting? AUTHENTICITY!

So…what’s the moral of the story? Always keep the characteristics of accuracy, integrity, legitimacy, proficiency, connectedness, and originality in everything you do for your brand. This will help consumers view your brand as authentic; and, thus, make YOU their go-to brand. We know this might be hard to ALWAYS have in the back of your mind, but let us do the work for you. At Uptown Girl Media, we always have these characteristics at the forefront of every strategy we do.

If you’re worried about always making sure you’re being your most authentic self, give us a call! We’ll help you create an authentic strategy that keeps your consumers coming back for more. Let us showcase your most authentic self through our original & organic strategies!

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