Brand Personality

Written by Brittany Prats

Edited by Allison Herrera

How would you describe the person you just swiped right on to your best friend? Probably the same way you describe brands like Adidas or Dior to your best friend, whether you realize it or not. Try to picture whether you would swipe right or left on a brand you’ve encountered recently. We all have our own opinions (good or bad), and that too can shape a brand’s personality. Let’s be a little honest here, ask yourself how you talk about your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. All of your friends are going to rally around you & start thinking a certain way about them based on what you say.

The same thing happens for brands. If you’re saying one thing about a brand that can sway other people’s perception, then that brand’s perceived personality is altered. This is why it’s absolutely crucial for a brand to establish it’s values and stick to them, in order to form a personality relevant to them. Let’s examine a couple of brand personalities we know best:

  1. Uptown Girl Media – I mean, come on, you had to have known we were going to talk about our own brand personality!
    • Our brand is most focused on sincerity. Sincerity in a brand’s personality means the brand is trustworthy, honest, authentic, but also cheerful. At Uptown Girl Media, we will always be your biggest cheerleader, though we will always be honest with you and helpful in any way possible. The softer pink tones seen throughout our content displays that idea of being happy and excited at all times, but not too bold in a way that is in your face.
    • If Uptown Girl Media was a person, it would be that girl who constantly knows everyone in a room – and is strangely friends with them all. She grabs brunch every Sunday with her friends, but always extends the invitation to new people. She was captain of the cheer team in high school, and still to this day cheers on her favorite teams…no questions asked! She is the girl who lifts your spirit with one quick smile and a simple “hello” at the local Rouses, with a compliment in one hand and a latte in the other. You can call her at 3:00 a.m. to come bail you out of jail – and without any questions, she absolutely will. But, she’s also the girl you know you can scream the ten minute version of “All Too Well” with and not be judged for a second…because she also hates your ex-boyfriend for breaking up with you. No matter what the circumstances are. She is your ride or die – your biggest advocate, and she is always there to help you in a time of need. She pushes you to be the best to your potential and doesn’t mind sharing a few of her tips and tricks in a weekly blog post to help you get there. 😉
  2. Table & Tap – We love our Table & Tap weekends, where we can experience a Saturday night out & then brunch in the morning – all in one place!
    • Table & Tap is clearly focused on giving that experience of excitement. A brand’s focus on excitement means that their personality is based around being bold, passionate, enthusiastic, and always down for a good time. Table & Tap really focuses on being a place where you can be bold and be yourself. They make themselves stand out from other bars, in order to really bring out that excitement within their customers. Whether it’s through their bold colors throughout their content/marketing or whether it’s through consistent enthusiasm for every event they house, Table & Tap’s personality is displayed in every little thing they do.
    • Table & Tap as a person is that guy who lives every day as if it’s always Saturday night! He is always dressed in darker colors – no need for coffee when it comes to this dude,  but he is always ready for a good time with his buddies. He is always the life of the party, even if it’s a random Tuesday night. He is bold, and always excited about what he and his friends are doing. He may or may not be the guy who gets pumped to & yells the lyrics to every Drake song…with zero amount of shame!
  3. NOLA Discount Pharmacy – What else can we say besides that they’re the best in the pharmacy biz? That’s really all the information you need to describe NOLA Discount’s personality.
    • They are an amazing display of competency within a brand’s personality. Competency within a brand’s personality is best described through dependability, intelligence, and conscientiousness. NOLA Discount isn’t going to upcharge you on your prescription, and they certainly aren’t going to steer you the wrong way. They won’t make you wait three hours for a prescription that takes only ten minutes to fill. Through how they act in store and through their social media, they display how dependable they are and how successful they are in their field, framing their personality in an effective way. Their content and ads use the colors purple and yellow which represents the wisdom they hold, but also the joyfulness they inherit through helping their customers. Also, the use of LSU’s colors purple & gold help to represent just how proud they are to be a locally owned & operated business and how they love serving the local community! Their content is very joyful, while also showing that they have been in this business for a long time and are here to truly help their customers.
    • If NOLA Discount was a person, they would be the smartest girl in high school who was also voted “most friendly”. She is always put together, has friends in every clique, and makes sure she tells everyone hello. She was president of every single club and had a 4.0 GPA all throughout high school and college. She never seemed stressed and was always down to help anyone in need. She’s best friend status – you know you can always count on her and that she would never let you down. If you called her crying about a boy, she would drop everything and come over with candy and ice cream (only from NOLA Discount Pharmacy) to console you. She loves shopping, but tends to only buy from small, locally owned businesses. If you ask her to do something, she will do it within fifteen minutes or less because she hates making people wait…but loves helping however she can. She works long hours but never complains, because she always has a coffee in hand from a local cafe. You trust her opinion on everything she recommends because you know that she would never steer you wrong.
  4. Dior – Dior is one of those brands that people long to own something from.
    • When someone says they own a Dior bag or a Dior bracelet, people are stunned. Why is that? Well, that is because Dior has established itself as a brand of sophistication. A sophisticated brand portrays confidence, composure, and especially elegance. Dior creates a sense of luxury, and the brand pushes the idea of confidence and elegance through their products, like a bag or sunglasses. Through the softer colors displayed on their advertisements and content, they show the idea of how subtlety is beautiful and elegant – making you truly stand out from the crowd.
    • If Dior was a person, she would be the showstopper – the one who walks in a room and everyone turns their head to look. She’s the It-girl people envy and want to be. She only shops at Canal Place and spends her days drinking mimosas at brunch with her elite friends (more champagne than orange juice…duh). She works out at an exclusive gym and does all of her grocery shopping at Whole Foods…WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT PRICE TAGS! But, she isn’t in your face about her designer items. She typically has on only one statement piece revealing that she is subtle, yet luxurious. Her wardrobe consists mostly of neutrals. She is kind and makes sure she smiles and waves at everyone she sees while out and about. She enjoys giving back to the community by donating unused items to local charities. She enjoys a night on the town with a cocktail in hand and heels on, and she doesn’t mind stopping at Carousel Bar for a few drinks after dinner. She always smells good, is the best dressed in the room, and makes everyone love her for her personality that’s just as bubbly as a bottle of champagne.
  5. Jeep – #JeepLife baby! Everyone knows the Jeep brand, & everyone knows the culture and personality behind Jeep.
    • Jeep as a brand very clearly establishes itself through ruggedness. Rugged brands have traits that include displaying toughness, athleticism, outdoorsiness, and reliability. Jeep positions itself by constantly portraying themselves as a rugged, outdoorsy, all terrain vehicle. This is shown throughout their social media and advertisements where you would be incredibly hard pressed to find a jeep on a normal, paved road. Jeep keeps their consistency by displaying their vehicles in off road situations and by making sure that the message being displayed is always that they are ready for adventure no matter where you are.
    • If Jeep was a person, it would definitely be the guy who invites you on a date to go rock climbing in his Patagonia shorts. He spends most of his money at Massey’s, even though his mom urges him to dress better – aka no more “gym” clothes. Although he drives a Jeep, he prefers biking everywhere. He even has a canoe strapped to his vehicle “just incase”. This guy eats clean, but he loves a good steak! He is always down for a road trip, loves adventure, and is always outdoors more than he is indoors.

Now, I know you’re probably like “Okay, cool…but what’s the point”. Well, by having a strong brand personality, your brand can better connect to your audience. Strong brand personalities give your brand human-like qualities, making it easier to connect with your consumers on a whole new level. They want to be a part of that personality, thus want to be a part of your brand by supporting you. However, you have to make sure that you are staying consistent and being true to the personality you’re setting for your brand. If it starts to get confusing for your consumer, they’ll lose interest. Establishing that consistency is key when creating your brand’s personality. Something to always keep in mind is to picture your brand as a person…would you swipe right?

Still confused or feeling like you might end up swiping left? THAT’S OKAY! We’re here to help. Brand Personality is a huge part of establishing your brand as a whole, so contact us today if you’re feeling lost.

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