Closed-Loop Marketing

  • Written by Becca Miller

    Edited by Allison Herrera⁣

    Ever heard of closed-loop marketing? If not, that’s okay – we’re breaking down what it is, what it isn’t, the benefits, & the dos & don’ts of this strategy. This strategy is vital to understanding your customers and their behavior, without being super creepy.

    Let’s start with what is closed-loop marketing. This marketing strategy is analyzing your customers every step of the way until they convert. Think about it like this, a customer arrives on your website through an ad you might run on Facebook. They browse through your website and buy your product. Our job as marketing professionals is to analyze this behavior with data and tracking. Once we do that, we can gain a better insight into what campaigns are the most effective. This helps companies connect with customers because we can understand what is working the best for your business.

    Now that we have a better understanding as to what closed-lopsided marketing is, let’s dive into what it’s not. This strategy is not the end all be all of marketing campaigns and strategies. This is simply one tool we can utilize to help our clients. There are still many other measurements of marketing that we take into consideration. Wherever there are numbers, we’ll be analyzing them.

    How can closed-loop marketing help your business and your customers? The knowledge that comes from us analyzing this data, gives your company a better understanding of your customers and their behaviors. Because of this knowledge, conversion rates are known to increase because we are able to strategize each campaign to what those customers’ behaviors are. Closed-loop marketing also SAVES YOU MONEY! How? When we know what’s working and what isn’t, then we are able to move costs around to better benefit your business and our strategies.

    Finally, let’s chat about the dos and don’ts of closed-loop marketing. We’ll start with the don’ts, so we can end on a positive note!

    • DON’T commit halfway, this is a process and you can’t lose time or patience because results may not be immediate. We get it, it’s hard to not get instant satisfaction but trust us, we’re the experts. 
    • DO focus on what is working for your company, listen to what we have analyzed from the data we are given. We’ll always discuss any changes we believe should be made.

    This was a lot to take in! But, be proud of yourself, you made it! Now that you know what closed-loop marketing is, will you trust us to be your experts? Call us today – we would love helping you out!

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