Cohesive/Aesthetically Pleasing IG Feeds

Written by Allison Herrera & Brittany Prats

A whopping 500 million people go on Instagram daily. I don’t know about y’all, but that sounds to me like 500 million potential new customers. That is…if you have a cohesive Instagram feed.

A whopping 500 million people go on Instagram daily. I don’t know about y’all, but that sounds to me like 500 million potential new customers. That is…if you have a cohesive Instagram feed.

An effective social media strategy based on data, statistics & strategy is ALWAYS the way to go. This ensures a unique opportunity in connecting with already existing consumers & potential consumers. There’s more to it than just that though. It’s all about consistency, babe. This is key when establishing professionalism, & you can reveal that through an Instagram feed with a consistent color scheme, theme, grid design, & creative graphics/photos that stand out. Your online aesthetic should represent who & what you are as a business – especially when there are so many similar pages or companies out there.

We know you’re literally screaming at your screen right now asking “BUT, HOW DO I GET AN AESTHETICALLY PLEASING INSTAGRAM!!!!!”. Guess what – your favorite Uptown Girls have a few tips for you! A cohesive & aesthetically pleasing Instagram is comprised of these characteristics:

  • Represents Your Brand
  • First Impressions
  • Recognizable & Memorable
  • Messaging & Mood
  • Professionalism

Represents Your Brand

Your aesthetic represents your brand, & an aesthically pleasing Instagram feed is the first thing viewers will notice when they land on your page. PS: if you’re confused about what branding is, click this link for our blog post breaking it all down. That means, it is crucial that your content complements your brand identity.

First Impressions

In developing first impressions, it is crucial that you exhibit a snapshot of your brand…& an aesthetically pleasing feed does just that! When a person clicks on your profile, your first impression will either make them follow you or continue scrolling on other pages. You want to keep *quality* visitors on your page. So, it is crucial that your company’s colors, layout, tone, messaging & feeling are conveyed online not just on individual posts, but also on the feed as a whole. Each element in a successful social media account works hand-in-hand with success.

Recognizable & Memorable

You want people from all over recognizing your brand. Recognizable brands focus on consistency & relevancy when it comes to their voice, tone, & content…& having a cohesive Instagram feed makes your page instantly recognizable. Your audience should be able to instantly recognize your post within a sea of other posts on their personal feed by correctly pairing it with your specific account, which uploaded it. Brand recognition is the number one driving force behind many successful businesses, & you have an opportunity to explore that option online, while also showing off your brand in a creative and interesting way. If a consumer simply likes the way your feed appears, there’s a better chance that your brand will remain at the top of viewers’ minds. Consumers will also have a clearer idea of your brand based off of how you appear online.

Messaging & Mood

A cohesive feed helps your audience easily understand messages you communicate relating to your brand, as a cohesive feed is predictable – it focuses on the element of repetition. This also helps your audience know what to expect from your posts & sets a specific mood in your messaging. An aesthetic refers to a specific mood that you want your content conveying. A aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed means landing on a specific “mood” that you want your brand portraying. Businesses can accomplish this by choosing a style for content & writing, which focuses on your brand voice.


An aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed builds your credentials as a professional & helps brands establish better connections. Nailing your brand’s colors, layout, tone, messaging, & feeling through a cohesive feed shows users that you understand your company’s purpose, personality & story. A pleasing aesthetic also reveals a brand cares about how they present themselves not only in-person, but online, too, & have the ability to “keep up with the times”. A cohesive feed also shows your account is active, which promotes engagement & improves your connection with your audience.

Instagram feeds reveal a brand’s purpose, personality, & story. That means not only should your feed show off a cohesive look, but everything else must stay consistent – your writing style of your captions, the way that your visuals fit together as a whole, the way that your bio is written, story highlights, etc. Each post & element on your profile should represent your brand & its personality.

Hey, we get it…this is a lot to take in, which is why we’re here to help! We won’t let you go through this alone – you have bigger & better things to do. Let us handle the job – it’s kinda our thing 😉

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