Email Pickup Lines

Written by Brittany Prats

Edited by Allison Herrera⁣

Imagine you’re out on a Friday night and you see a really cute person across the room – how are you going to get their attention? Flip your hair? Shoot ‘em a wink? No. We hate to break it to you, but that’s not going to get you that Valentine’s box of chocolates. Sorry, but it’s true.

You know what will catch their attention & make them remember you? A pickup line. Whether it be cheesy, smooth, or even a little direct – we guarantee you they’ll remember it. Listen, we know what you’re thinking, “Why is a marketing company giving me dating advice?” We’re not. We’re giving you email marketing advice.

That’s right. Think of emails as if you’re picking that cutie up at the bar. Don’t you want to get your recipient’s attention? Well, in email marketing, what’s the point of sending emails if your followers aren’t  even going to open it? Here’s where those pickup lines come in.

When you’re getting ready to send an email, whether it’s to promote a new sale, new products, or just to get people in the door – you need your audience to OPEN THAT EMAIL. If you want to get your message across, you gotta get creative. Over 105 billion emails are sent every day, so how will you get your audience to open your email? Here’s seven types of subject lines to use for your email marketing strategy that we know will entice that cutie into reading your email 😉

Simple (but to the point) Subject Lines

Minimalism is never a bad thing. Sometimes all your customer wants is something quick and to the point. If creativity isn’t your strong suit, that’s okay – these types of subject lines are for you. You could even just use one, simple word – something as easy as “Sale” or “Freebie”. In fact, many of your customers will appreciate a quick notification that tells them what they need to know without having to dig and figure out context clues.

Funny Subject Lines

Everyone loves a good joke, even if it’s the cheesiest thing they’ve ever heard. Your readers aren’t going to want to open an email whose subject line is super serious. They want to open an email by a brand who clearly has a voice and sounds human. Putting a joke in the subject line of your email can entice your reader and make them feel as if they are able to better connect to your brand. If your subject line is really funny, then chances are the user will share how funny your brand is (i.e. giving your brand more awareness).

Shocking Subject Lines

Be risky. We know…it’s sometimes scary taking that jump. But what’s important is that taking risks can actually bring in major rewards. Shock your reader. Maybe even insult them. But, take this advice carefully. We don’t actually want to offend anyone – we just want to stop them in their tracks. Think about when you read something that calls you out, but it doesn’t really call you out. It makes you stop and go ,“Wait, what??” Yeah, that’s what you want to do. For example, if we were to send out an email about this blog post with the subject line “Hey, your email marketing sucks. Let us help you.” We’re insulting you, but only a little. You have to thread that line of controversy. Think cheeky and sarcastic, with some hint of truth.

Incorporating Numbers & Lists into Subject Lines

Also, you only have so much space in a subject line, so why would you make it lengthier than it has to be? Your mind is automatically going to shift towards a shorter subject line, and using numbers is a great way to cut that subject line down. Your subject line has to stand out from the dozens of other emails in their inbox, and our brains are naturally drawn to digits.  If every other email is just a long line of text, don’t you think that one email with digits in it will make the reader stop? Guess what, it will. 

Personalized Subject Lines

Stop for a minute. We ARE NOT talking about putting the user’s name in the subject line. Sure, that’s great – but everyone does it. Don’t you want to stand out? Yeah, that’s what we thought. When we talk about personalization, we mean personal. Not just a name or what they ordered, but what they enjoy and where they live. Don’t be creepy about it; but if you know they’re in New Orleans, say something like, “Good Morning, New Orleans.” If you know they almost bought something on your site, say something like, “Please don’t forget about me.” Gain their attention, then retain it. Make the reader feel like you know them.

Using Punctuation in Subject Lines

Make your reader question what’s going on. Be direct. If you’re asking them why they’re not taking advantage of the big sale going on, they’ll more than likely question themselves. On the other hand, make them feel rushed. Focus on time constraints by using proper punctuation. Using exclamation points can make your audience feel excited or as if they need to act immediately, because you want your reader to feel that  they’re missing out on something. Get creative, have fun, and make your reader question why they haven’t done what you want them to do.

Mysterious Subject Lines

People love a little mystery in their lives. Keep them guessing. If you intrigue them enough, they’ll open the email. Think about if you’ve ever seen an email with the subject line “You’re missing out…” It made you wonder what you were missing out on, huh? You opened that email, didn’t you? If YOU did that on your company’s email – just imagine the opens you would receive. Make your reader think a little bit. They’ll want to know more…trust us.

Let’s be honest – if you’re really trying to pick up that person at a bar, you’re not going to be boring. Sorry, but “boring’ will not secure you a fancy dinner at Commander’s or roses at your front door. But, do you know what will? Being fun, creative, direct, and maybe even a little risky. When you’re writing an email subject line, don’t make it harder than it has to be. Just keep it simple, no one is going to read a paragraph of a subject line.

Act like you’re trying to get a date with Zac Efron and you’ll be golden, babe! You know us – we won’t ever leave you stranded. If you’re still feeling like you just can’t get the hang of it, contact us, we can always help.

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