Five Email Marketing Tips

Written by Allison Herrera⁣

Don’t sleep on email marketing! Email is potentially the oldest digital marketing channel, but it’s still one of the most effective strategies converting views into conversion. Already using it? Here is a virtual fist bump. But, if you’re not & have no clue where to even begin, here are five (5) steps for creating an email marketing strategy!

  • Define your target audience & create an organic email list
  • Set long-term goals – what purpose will your email serve? Then, create a schedule…consistency is key!
  • Design your email – focus on your message & keep it simple. Have a straightforward design broken up within sections with your most important information at the top
  • Always test your email before blasting or scheduling
  • Measure your performance – check your email’s opens/clicks, audience behavior, E-commerce data, website traffic, etc… Use your data as a driving force in execution!

Don’t forget, email takes time. Email marketing, just like most digital marketing, is never an overnight success – it’s a long game. In order to ensure you’re allocating all of your resources properly, shoot us a call today. We can assist in creating a unique plan specialized for you!

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