Gen Z vs. Millennials

Written by Brittany Prats

Edited by Allison Herrera⁣

Gen Z vs. Millennials. Which group is better to advertise to? Which generation should you market to? Do you need to understand them both?

Well…we have news for you. In order to have an effective campaign, you need to understand & learn from both! Each group brings in new ideas & different points of view that can be critical in creating an effective strategy. Let’s discuss some observations about both groups to keep in mind.

We all know this already, but Gen Z is much more focused on social media than Millenials. Yes, millennials use social media, but if you’re trying to advertise your brand to specifically a younger generation, social media is king. The presence of your brand on social media is what’s going to make that Gen Z-er follow you, interact with you, and buy your product. Don’t even get us STARTED on how important Tik Tok can be for advertising your brand to Gen Z.

I know what you’re thinking – so what do they have in common? They both crave authenticity. Both groups grew up in a time where they can get the answer to any question in a matter of seconds. They will look right through your false ads & rip you apart because of it. Just keep it real & you’ll gain the trust of both generations.

You gotta grab their attention STAT. Millennials have a twelve (12) second attention span & Gen Z only has an eight (8) second attention span. You either have to make a really intriguing ad or put your call to action at the forefront of it. They’re not going to sit there for a five (5) minute video about why your product is the best. They want it in a quick, to the point form.

It’s all about the experience for both groups. You can have a great product, but if your customer service is bad or your website is hard to navigate, you just lost a customer. Both Gen Z and Millennials want that seamless experience. Give that to them & you’ll have a customer for life.

At face value, Millennials & Gen Z seem VERY different, but trust us, for marketing purposes they’re pretty similar. They both care about short form, experiences, brands supporting causes they care about, and they just want you to be honest about your product. It is vital to have an understanding of both generations, and in today’s industry, you can’t really rule one of them out.

Don’t know how to advertise to both at the same time? We got you! Just give us a call and we’ll help you figure out what works best for your brand to attract the younger generations.

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