How to Create 10x More Content With The 3 R’s of Repurposing

Written by Kele Johnson

Edited by Allison Herrera

@theStevenMellor is at it again with another extremely actionable post on how to create 10x more content in a shorter span of time. 👀

Let’s Get Straight to the Point 

  • No one is scrolling through all your posts
  • Only ~20% of your audience will see your content for the first time
  • Of that 20%,  only about 1-5% of your audience will interact with your content

Here lies your opportunity to succeed: what good is a GREAT post, if most people haven’t even seen it yet?

It’s all about repurposing. If you have 10 posts, you should have at least one month worth of content. 

Hear us out…there are 3 “R’s”  when it comes to repurposing: Recycle, Remix, Reuse + Repeat (ofc 😉). Let’s dive deeper!


  • Once you find some posts to repurpose, it’s time to freshen them up.
  • Do this by experimenting with new hooks, or adding new information.
  • The goal in recycling is replicating past success. 


  • Change the post type completely.
  • The information will stay the same, but the presentation, layout, even colors/fonts should change.


  • Did you have an absolute fire post? Great. Repost it. Keep everything the same. 
  • Just a simple copy + paste & publish. BAM! Success. 


  1. Review 3 month old content 
  2. Recycle it
  3. Remix it 
  4. Reuse it 
  5. Repeat (See – it’s just as simple as rinse, lather, repeat 💆🏻‍♀️🚿).

So now that you know the 3 R’s of repurposing, let’s see that old content look fresh & new! Check out Steven Mellor’s post here. If you have any questions, you can always contact the Uptown Girls – we’re always happy to help!

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