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As Biggie Smalls once said, “never let ‘em know your next move”. Well, Instagram certainly follows this ideal. Update after update. New feature after new feature. It’s harder keeping up with Instagram than the Kardashians, but you know what…every update & feature has truly enhanced users’ experiences on Instagram. The social media giant is cooking up their newest update – Instagram story likes.

Users are now able to “like” an Instagram story privately (meaning only you & whoever posted the content will see that you “hearted” that picture your crush posted on their story). As opposed to the current reactions that are used on Instagram stories where Instagram will send a DM to the user of whatever reaction you clicked on, story likes will simply just be shown on the same feed that shows who viewed your story. This feature was created in hopes of  helping declutter users’ DMs.

I know, I know – you’re probably wondering, “Okay. Cool. But, you’re a marketing company…so, why do you care? This just seems helpful for personal accounts”. Oh no, honey. This new feature is full of benefits that can help a business grow their social media game.

Think of it like this – if you’re liking someone’s story, you most likely have a relationship with that person, or are at least trying to have a relationship with them. Why is it  any different for a brand?

Imagine that your ideal client averages 400-500 views per story. That user who is your ideal client may not follow your IG account, which means your chances of becoming noticed are one in four hundred or one in five hundred. But, have no fear! By “liking” that user’s story, Instagram will bump your account to the top of the viewers listwhereas with the current IG story interactions, your “reaction” ends up in a “requested” messages folder (if an account doesn’t follow your account). This new feature entices users you deem as ideal clients into looking into your profile, since you personify your brand through liking that user’s story & implying you genuinely care about what that user is posting.

Utilizing the new story like feature assists in growing brands. This new feature not only gets brands noticed by potential customers, but it builds relationships & trust with clients – potential, past and/or current. Not really sure if keeping up with Instagram is a priority for you? Give us a call, because staying social is always our number one priority.

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