Keyword Mapping

Written by Jamie Hanzo

Edited by Allison Herrera

If you’re anything like me, understanding how typing words in search engines magically gets you to the page you desire has always been too much for my brain to handle — cue Channing Tatum figuring out the science problem in 21 Jump Street.

BUT, an article written in October of 2020 linked here made all of it a bit more clear for not so tech savvy-people like myself. 

The article written by Jase Rodley explained all the benefits of understanding and implementing keyword mapping to your business’s website. Keyword mapping is a concept that allows you to place certain keywords throughout different pages of your website so that the SEO can better track your site when these keywords are searched in Google.

Everyone wants to be that FIRST website that pops up when you type in the search engine. Well, that is possible if you use keyword mapping correctly. Keyword mapping helps you to:

  1. Plan your content and brainstorm on relevant topics
  2. Revise older content that isn’t ranking as well as it should
  3. Organize your site navigation and URL structure

The first step I learned to do when wanting to implement keyword mapping is to think about a list of keywords that best relate to your article or page that you want to be found. For instance, if I wrote an article about different playgrounds around the Baton Rouge area, a list of keywords that I could think of would be: children’s playground, Baton Rouge activities, kid-friendly locations, swingset…the list goes on.

The second step I learned from the article is to “match your user’s intent”. This is basically a fancy way of saying “make your content for your readers, not the search engine”. You must start from the beginning of the process (writing your content). then make it to the end (mapping the keywords). Focusing on the search engine before the content would be backtracking. 

Your third step would be to create your very own keyword mapping spreadsheet — yay, nothing like a good spreadsheet to get your life together 🙃! This will help you lay out and organize your team’s words that you have chosen to coincide with your article. Because of this spreadsheet, the structure of your article will be super easy to see and read. 

Now, you have a great grip on what keyword mapping is and how you can get the ball rolling. Interested in learning the next steps in keyword mapping to the next level? Look no further, friend. The article has MUCH more information to cover. As always, if you need any help from us over here at Uptown Girl Media, we specialize in all things website-related. Just shoot us an email at We’re always here for ya!

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