Optimizing Instagram Video Content

  • Written by Caroline Legrand
    Edited by Allison Herrera


    It was projected that this year, Facebook and Instagram will account for two thirds of social video ad spending. That two thirds is more than YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat combined! Almost all businesses (87%) are utilizing video for their advertisements and content, and thankfully, social media platforms like Instagram have plenty of ways to help optimize your content.

    Instagram is where most of our productions are seen & where most of our leads are generated. So we wanted to share our best insights and advice for navigating videography on Instagram! Check out what they have to offer and our tips below:

    Video Options on Instagram
    • Stories
      • 15 second clips that disappear in 24 hours unless saved to a highlight
      • Ability to repost fan posts for all followers to see
      • Laid back and casual approach to communication
      • UPTOWN GIRL’S TIP: Great for quick interaction with followers

    • Feed Posts
      • Posted just like a photo on your feed, but a 30-60 second video
      • More formal than stories
      • Impacted by algorithm
      • UPTOWN GIRL’S TIP: Great for stop-motion or time-lapse, behind the scenes or how to’s

    • IG Live
      • Like Facebook live, but on Instagram featured through your story, three seconds to one hour
      • Viewers can respond in real time to connect or ask questions
      • UPTOWN GIRL’S TIP: Most likely to be viewed at some point and is great for Q&A or live-streaming events

    • IGTV
      • Think of it as a YouTube Channel on your Instagram account that features videos between 1-15 minutes
      • First 60 seconds can be uploaded like a regular post, make it captivating!
      • UPTOWN GIRL’S TIP: Great for in-depth tutorials or tours of a space

    • Instagram Reels
      • This is Instagram’s newest feature, & is comparable to TikTok – 15 second video clips
      • Users can record and edit together their short video clips set to music and share them to their Stories, Explore Feed, and the new Reels tab on a user’s profile
      • We will have a whole new blog post dedicated to Instagram Reels just shortly, so stay tuned!
      • UPTOWN GIRL’S TIP: Great for engaging with a new kind of audience – people who prefer quick-and-easily-digestible content or Generation Z

     Trends We’re Loving to Enhance Your Instagram Video

    • Subtitles. Let’s be real, most people do not scroll through social media with their volume up.
    • Series. Sharing multiple videos that coincide together for unity in your messaging = iconic!
    • Shorter Videos. Who has time to watch a 15 minute YouTube video? Depending on the content, it’s quality on quantity in terms of minutes.

    Still need some direction with video content? No worries, that’s what we specialize in at Uptown Girl Media! Send us a message here, and we’ll be glad to help you.

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