QR Codes

Jan 4, 2022

Here at Uptown Girl Media, we love a good QR code!

Paired with a creative strategy, QR codes are an easy tool for people to quickly access your goods or services, which helps grow your business/brand. In simple terms, QR codes are a simple mechanism that engages potential clients & customers. Below are 17 ways you can utilize QR codes to maximize growth for your business/brand.

  1. Business Cards
  2. Cashless Payments
  3. Clothing/Merchandise
  4. Contact Information
  5. Event Posters
  6. Galleries & Museums
  7. “Hello, My Name Is…” Tags
  8. In-Store Posters with Coupons
  9. Instruction Manuals
  10. Outdoor Billboards
  11. Product Packaging
  12. Promotions During Live Events
  13. Public Wifi Network Access
  14. Restaurant Menus
  15. Social Media Pages
  16. Upcoming Events or Webinars
  17. Websites


& so much more! Of course, the above are all great ideas (scroll down & see picture examples), but they provide no strategy. Contact us today – we can help! With our state of the art data & statistic reports, we can also track QR codes we custom create for clients by showcasing the total number of scans, the number of scans over specific periods of time, scans by top cities, & so much more. A QR code created by Uptown Girl Media is also personalized in terms of design. Contact us today, & we will maximize your digital marketing campaign!


Business Cards

Cashless Payments

Restaurant Menus

Social Media Pages