Selling on Social

Written by Becca Miller & Brittany Prats

Edited by Allison Herrera⁣

It’s finally November, so you know what that means…Happy Holidays, y’all! But as much as we seriously wish it was automatically Christmas after Halloween, we’re grateful for those extra weeks of holiday shopping we can get in. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s sometimes difficult to think of the perfect gift for that someone special – so where do you turn to? SOCIAL MEDIA, BABY!

Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or all of the above, businesses are benefiting from the constant influence that social media has on consumer’s buying decisions. With the holidays quickly approaching (Christmas is 54 days away, but who’s really counting?!), this is your perfect opportunity to set up your Instagram Shopping, amp up your TikTok page, then let the purchases roll in!  Let’s break it down.

It’s time to be a little honest with ourselves – how many times have you bought something impulsively because you saw it on social media? I know I have at least a dozen times…but, hey, maybe I just don’t have much self control when it comes to online shopping (surprise, I actually do not have a single ounce of self control in me when it concerns shopping). But, I’m not alone!

TikTok is a main source of the boost in fashion sales in the past few years. In fact, on TikTok, the hashtag #TikTokFashion has well over 20 billion views. What does that mean exactly? Well, when someone posts a video of a new product they found or their latest haul from Zara, they use this hashtag to not only bring more viewers in, but potentially to increase revenue for the brand itself. Businesses like Shein are thriving through TikTok because of the sheer amount of reach they’re able to receive without even posting a video themselves through their own account.

In general, both small businesses and corporations have put TikTok at the forefront of their social media strategy because of how direct and accessible it is. Sure, when you post a shirt on Instagram people may think it’s cute – but consumers are more likely to buy it if they see someone (a human element) show it in a haul on TikTok? The answer is quite clearly yes.

Shopping on social media has become a huge part of every social platform. Instagram recently changed their entire interface by adding in a shopping tab, which is right next to a user’s profile. Users can search by categories, sales, shops, and more. They can also search for products using their search bar. The shopping tab allows businesses to list their products and notify users if they have updated listings. Instagram has now allowed ALL businesses to use this feature. This is great news because now “mom & pop” shops can utilize another feature that can propel their business forward. You don’t have to meet certain criteria in order to use this feature – it’s readily available for easy shopping as you post on your social media. You can even tag your products in your posts to make it simple for a user to shop directly from your post.

Another great feature that Instagram recently offered is that now, every business can use their link feature! You no longer have to hit 10,000 followers in order to access the link feature. Now, any business is able to post links to their stories. This is great news for businesses, because you can now constantly promote your product and give users an opportunity to purchase your products that you’re sharing. Use it to your advantage when creating story highlights, this way your link & story can be shared with users longer than 24 hours.

While a lot of the information remains unknown regarding TikTok’s algorithm and why videos go viral – here’s what we do know, along with Instagram and Facebook videos…

  • With TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, users don’t have to follow your brand to see your content.
    • That’s really the beauty and uniqueness of why social media is a critical sales tool this Holiday Season. Billions of users scroll through their TikTok “for you page” seeing mostly videos from brands or people they don’t actually know. What’s even crazier is that for whatever reason, viewers seriously trust these strangers’ opinions.
  • When it comes down to gift giving, there are hundreds of accounts dedicated solely to what gifts you should be giving your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, cousin, dog, hamster, lizard, and quite literally anyone else you could EVER think of.
  • While social media is a great place to even just get your product out there and get people to start viewing it, it’s mainly a top tier decision maker for a lot of people.
    • When viewers watch a video of something that peaks their interest, the viewer may not even give it a second thought if the video has millions of views. Be cleaver, be creative, be trendy, and you’re sure to get someone buying your product this holiday season.

Whatever the reason is for why social media is such a big influence on the consumer’s purchase decision process, all you need to know is that if your brand isn’t utilizing TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, you should start sooner than later. Big Businesses take advantage of these platforms and the potential of going viral – so why shouldn’t your small business reap the same benefits?

Aerie Crossover Leggings were sold out for months, because of a few, short videos that went viral. Lululemon Hotty Hots were also sold out for months also because of a few, short videos that went viral. So, don’t think the same thing can’t happen for your product – because it can!

However, we know swimming in unknown waters can be a little scary, especially if you have no idea where to start. Let us help! Uptown Girl Media specializes in all things social media, & we know we can help your product be the gift of the season! Give us a call, so we can make this the merriest Holiday Season your business has had yet.

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