Seven Benefits of Digital Advertising

Written by Allison Herrera

Edited by Brittany Prats

We already told you how digital ad revenue is increasing, but let’s chat about why you should invest in this branch of marketing. Digital advertising occurs when marketers or business owners promote their brand on the internet (website, email, social media, etc.). In order for consumers to see a brand’s advertising efforts, they must be actively using the internet in some form.

Digital advertising is effective for several reasons. This type of marketing provides rapid results when consistently practiced & strategized by professionals. We broke down seven reasons digital advertising is beneficial.

Cost Effective

  • Organic marketing efforts are any advertising instrument that you don’t have to pay for. This can include your website, social media pages, blog, email marketing, or search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Although organic marketing efforts are free, you can implement paid digital advertising within those outlets for an extra push in attracting online users…& you are completely in the front seat when it comes to pricing!
  • Think of organic marketing as your vehicle & paid digital advertising as the gas that keeps your wheels rolling.
  • When you feel as if your business is rolling, but you want to attract a new demographic, paid advertising can assist & is an affordable strategy.


Provides Client Data

  • Online ads can give you access into customer demographics & behaviors. By experimenting with messaging & adjusting campaigns, you can gain insights on customers’ demographics, which help companies understand exactly: who are their customers, what are their customers’ interests, when are their customers active online, where are their customers located, etc.
  • Through digital outlets, companies can easily gather data from testing messaging, then analyzing it in terms of what best resonates with their audience.
  • From there, marketers can implement those hard numbers obtained (which are more beneficial than simply guessing), & optimize campaigns for maximum results without before even touching the dollar amount they are investing in digital advertising.
  • Remember, data doesn’t lie 😉



  • We talked about how digital advertising provides data on online users, but it also allows you to accurately measure the results of your campaigns in terms of how they are performing. This includes an increase in website visits or evaluate how the cost per click (CPC) of your social media ads changes over time.
  • The beauty of digital advertising is that it allows gives marketers the luxury of running an ad for 30 minutes & immediately knowing details (no matter how big or small) – how much money was spent, how much the business gained from the ad, how much web traffic the ad yielded, & so much more!
  • Much digital advertising’s allure is really is its ability to deliver hard data that can be used in future campaigns.
  • Also, if you implement lead capture, you can measure your conversion rates to help estimate your return on investment with digital ads.


  • Online ads are highly targeted. Through client data & campaign measurements, digital marketing allows marketers to easily target campaigns to the right customers.
  • For example, social media platforms allow marketers to define a specific audience from platforms’ users. This grouping is achieved by targeting different attributes, such as gender, age, hobbies, interests, & even occupations.
  • So, you would take all of the numbers obtained from clients & past campaigns, then use it in moving forward with future digital ads through targeting the correct audience.


  • With digital marketing, you can optimize your campaigns by easily evolving them, whether it’s switching up copywriting or swapping out a picture…the options are endless!
  • Although results take time when first beginning, you can instantly adjust any campaigns online through a few simple clicks.
  • For example, if you notice that your audience isn’t highly responsive to an ad, you can change the images and messaging quickly & with ease, until you see the results you’re looking for.


  • The internet doesn’t sleep & can be accessed anywhere at any time, especially with online usage running higher on phones, instead of desktops.
  • There are 7.83 billion people in the world (Worldometer), & 4.66 billion of them are active Internet users. (Statista).
  • That means you have a pretty good chance of reaching an audience online, where the average Internet user spends 6 hours & 43 minutes online every day. (We Are Social Global Digital Report 2020).

Builds Your Credentials

  • Having an established & creative digital presence can set your business apart from competitors. This sets the tone that your brand is modern & can “keep up with the times”.
  • Digital advertising increases brand awareness, who may otherwise never frequented your business or perhaps missed your traditional advertising efforts.
  • Digital advertising also opens the door for communicating with potential clients & encourages customers to engage with your brand.
  • Businesses typically use digital advertising in supporting promotions or spreading important messages, which effectively captures new customers & efficiently informs current clients or any news.
  • Through digital advertising, you can guarantee that your business is on users’ radars, especially when first launching a brand or busines

Of course these are the benefits of running digitals marketing advertisements, but it is important you work with a professional in order to obtain effective & efficient results. Shoot us a call or email today – we would love assisting you on this marketing journey. Let’s optimize your digital advertising campaigns together!

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