Super Bowl Ads During A Pandemic

Written by Brittany Prats

Edited by Allison Herrera

This past year created a lot of uncertainty for marketers. Not knowing whether to create ads based on what’s going on in the world or whether to make something that can just take people’s minds off of everything for a minute, has become a real struggle for the industry. During Super Bowl LV, we saw funny, emotional, and just downright weird ads. However, there’s one category that stuck in our minds the most: the message of community. 

While this past year has definitely been a struggle for everyone, we came together as a community and helped each other through an unexpected pandemic, which has lasted over a year. Throughout Super Bowl LV, we saw many companies show that message of community through their ads displaying the encouraging feeling we should experience for coming together. No, the pandemic is not over. Yes, there are still injustices in the world. However, the amount of progress that we have made as a community is astounding, which is why these advertisers wanted to highlight those moments – the few bright moments in a very dark time for many of us. During a time like this, brands really have to be cautious of expressing their message in the right tone. They don’t want to make light of a very serious situation, but they also know that sometimes their viewers just need a little bit of hope. These ads aren’t necessarily meant to showcase their product, but, instead, their brand. Ads like these showcase a brand’s values and what they stand for while sprinkling in their products so that you will remember them. Sometimes, what sticks in our minds the most are the ads that made us feel a certain way and bring a smile to our face or a tear to our eyes. That’s what these companies accomplished.

Below is a list of eight ads reflecting positive messages during a time, which otherwise feels bleak.

Of course, Super Bowl Ads aren’t for every brand. But, if you’re looking for a strong message showcasing your brand’s values while featuring services/products, contact Uptown Girl Media today! We would love to offer you a strategic & creative campaign.

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