Supporting Small & Local Businesses During a Covid-Christmas Season

Dec 14, 2020

Written by Allison Herrera

The countdown to Christmas is exciting for some but sometimes stressful for small business owners…especially during this time of year during our “new normal”. We love our local businesses, & are urging everyone to shop small this holiday season. But, here are ten ways you can support small businesses…FOR FREE!

  1. Follow them on social media
  2. Share/re-post their social media posts
  3. Like their social media posts
  4. Comment a nice message or emoji under their social media posts
  5. Tag a friend under their social media posts
  6. Shout them out on your personal social media page
  7. Refer them to friends & family
  8. Respect their time
  9. Leave them a review/testimonial
  10. Sign up for their emails


If you are interested in fiscally supporting a small, local business, you can always purchase a gift card from most establishments or shop on their websites. Have a happy holiday season, & please email us if you have any questions on shopping small  & local this holiday season – We would love to chat with you!