Thinking Outside The Box

  • Written by Caroline Legrand
    Edited by Allison Herrera

    Did you know that SmashBurger and WhatsApp were created during recessions? That’s right. Although we are social distancing right now, we do not need to stay inside the box (or the house) when it comes to our business.

    For most companies, the current circumstances are nothing like business as normal. Plans for the year, events and launches have been altered. But, by pivoting to a new route and adapting to the extenuating circumstances, you can maintain communication and connection with your customers.

    Enter the webcam. Your laptop most likely has one on it, your phone has the capability to duplicate one and your desktop has the ability to connect to one.

    From Google Hangouts and Zoom Meetings to Skype happy hour, webcams are keeping communities connected and changing the way that businesses are marketing during stay-at-home orders.

    Although we seem to live in a largely digital world, we realize how much we rely on face-to-face connection when we lose the ability to have the physical presence of a loved one, friend or even co-worker.

    Skin and hair care companies are sharing videos with tips and hacks for their products, holding social media competitions and giveaways, and ways to keep a wellness routine. Fitness studios are moving online and providing videos to their clients and followers to keep them moving and healthy, and universities are holding classes over video where students can still connect with professors.

    Some examples of companies we’re loving right now utilizing video on Instagram:

    • @dnice – utilizing IG Live for DJ and dance parties
    • @littonavenue – utilizing videography to create courses for followers
    • @body__shoppe – this New Orleans fitness studio pivoted from hosting classes in person to live streaming through webcams. Although they’re no longer “live”, their business model expanded as they now provide “on demand” classes, thanks to re-visioning during this crazy time
    • @primallypure – hosting virtual skin care challenges and providing tips through video
    • @n.o.c.c.i – hosting virtual conferences, that would otherwise be cancelled

    While webcams may not provide a hand to hold or a friend to hug, they can provide the closest connection to face-to-face that we can manage right now.

    Utilizing a webcam to stay connected with your employees and customers is vital during social distancing. Here are a few tips to help your business mindset during these challenges:

    • Ask how your employees are, before asking what you need them to do
    • Listen to your customers and pivot your marketing to serve their updated needs
    • Focus on enriching and providing quality content for customers to keep them loyal to your company
    • Do not compare your business to last year’s revenues or goals, adapt and focus on sustaining your business
    • Take the opportunity to grow your brand and develop proper policies and strategies

    If you have any questions about making video work for your company, or how to simply think “outside the box” when it comes to utilizing video, please reach out to us at for support.

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