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  • Written by Allison Herrera & Caroline Legrand

    Typography is great for when you’re watching videos in a public restroom or on a boring Zoom call where you’re piping in every now in then. But, successful typography keeps an audience captivated during a video. By using engaging fonts and effects, you can take your video game to the next level. Here are our favorites:

    Large Lettering

    As seen on Netflix’s “Mindhunter,” bold statements are in…and nothing says bold like taking up the whole screen with block letters! Large letter is great because it easily grabs your viewers’ attention without much thought. Pro Tip: differing from regular to Italics for emphasis is a genius tactic and separates the information for viewers to consume it easily.

    Layered Text

    Let’s be honest, watching a cell phone receive a notification just isn’t as satisfying as watching your favorite characters on screen and seeing their notifications pop up for you to decipher. More and more movies have invested in layering text on a screen to create an effect, which is more entertaining and offers a cleaner transition, rather than phone screens taking up the whole screen. Plus, you get to experience your favorite characters’ emotions as they read some juicy gossip!

    Hbo Text GIF by euphoria - Find & Share on GIPHY

    Visuals in Text

    In my opinion, Marvel Comics has a great example of this style. Creating visuals within your text can bring the words to life, especially when used in a logo or movie title. I like the example of Marvel because it briefly and effectively tells the brand’s story (at least fans will pick up on it).

    Marvel Studios GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

    Interactive Typography

    Interactive Typography is without a doubt the coolest typography trend that’s EVERYWHERE right now, and we cannot get enough of it! Another way to describe Interactive Typography is by calling it Kinetic Typography. Kinetic (meaning movement) segues into what Interactive Typography is – an animation technique that uses moving text to capture attention, set a tone, and entertain, by making words more impactful and adding an artistic element.


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