Unifying Your Messaging

Written by Caroline Legrand
Edited by Allison Herrera

Having a unified message across your brand sounds pretty basic, right? We at Uptown Girl Media agree; but, maintaining a congruent message can become a hassle when advertisements are broadcasted across multiple platforms.

Think about it: we create and post varying content for different social media platforms, and that content differs from non-digital content. The same video posted to Instagram will not have the same success or impact on Twitter or on a commercial. Why? Each platform contains a difference audience.

Unifying your brand message is imperative to the success of your business. By creating and sharing content that is representative of your brand across all platforms, viewers will recognize your content and your brand awareness will increase.

When it comes to keeping your message in line with your brand values across all social media platforms, an English realty company called the Michael Graham Estate Agents takes the gold. One tactic that Michael Graham practices is using their social media accounts as a portfolio for their work. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love a feed full of beautiful places and spaces?

By committing to unify their brand messaging, Michael Graham was able to reach new goals.

  • Michael Graham saw a 100% increase in monthly website viewers,
  • A 10% click-through rate on social campaigns, and
  • A $600,000 shift from print to digital advertisements.

Before Michael Graham successfully unified their messaging, they experienced confused customers who were seeing different messages on their print and social media content. From there, the company’s social media team now works to keep consumers aware of the brand. Now, it’s almost impossible to not recognize a piece of Michael Graham property.

Let’s unify your messaging! If you’re interested in cultivating brand awareness for your company, Uptown Girl Media is ready to create content to support you. Email us today at contact@uptowngirl.media, and we will set up a complementary consultation.

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