Why Brand Nicknames?

Written by Blake Ecuyer

Edited by Allison Herrera⁣

Your Brand is everything when you are a business. Your logo, color, and (most importantly) your name are things consumers see, hear, and recognize. Brand nicknames, however, create an even deeper connection to a brand than before.

Nicknames foster a sense of community and give brands a cool aspect among the masses. Many brands such as McDonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chevrolet, and more, all have nicknames for their brands. They are also fun and easy to say with friends, family and/or even strangers. For example, McDonalds is referred to as MickeyD’s, Buffalo Wild Wings is known as Bdubs, and people call Walmart by the name of Wally World.

Now, when brands try to use the nicknames for their businesses in advertisements, it can pop the bubble around the nickname by taking the casualness and naturally developed nicknames for things. Merely trying to capitalize on nicknames of the brand loses a piece of its identity. For brands, it is all about fostering the culture around these nicknames instead of flat out trying to put them in a box.

Popular research shows that when marketers successfully strategize and utilize popular nicknames, brand presence becomes maximized within digital landscapes, which includes a boost in SEO & social media profile management. Think you’re ready to give your brand a glow up? Let’s chat – we would love to help you out. Email us today at contact@uptowngirl.media for a customized brand + marketing plan.

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