Why Clients Are Your Best Brand Storytellers

Written by Allison Herrera⁣

Your client is essential, as it’s who purchases your products/services &, essentially, keeps your company in business. Our job is catering to your client, because they deserve valuable content…but, have you ever thought about centering content based around them? Here are four (4) reasons why:

People trust consumers over companies

Peers, influencers & even celebrities often voice their opinions on products/services; which, in turn, generates more potential clients. This works because your peers, influencers & celebrities build a loyal following with like-minded people, who trust them & their opinions on products promoted. Followers feel that the brands are reputable, as opinions are coming from an end user instead of the brand’s designer or developer. Peers, influencers & celebrities even present the product or service from they point of view, & how it relates to their day-to-day lives.

Long-term SEO value in customer-focused marketing

Many companies toot their own horn on their “About Page”, but not many brands have a “Customer Reviews” page. This allows customers to speak on behalf of your brand, which leads to more user-generated content & more engaged online followers. Adding reviews on your website can also positively impact your SEO – especially in terms of certain keywords. When you engage with customers via social media, you also show up in the SERP. These positive interactions should translate on your website for SEO purposes.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Kantar found in a 2020 study that 93% of people trust their family & friends as reliable sources when choosing a brand or service. Quality products & outstanding customer service are two factors in leading consumer decisions; which in turn, boosts recommendations of services/products to friends & family. This is how brands can achieve customer stories & emotive marketing, which share the impact of a company.

Big brands use this strategy…& it works

Brands like Tesla, Nike, & Airbnb have seen great success from shifting their marketing to a customer-focused strategy.

  • Tesla’s marketing strategy is practically non-existent compared to its competitors, as its strategy is essentially word-of-mouth. Tesla even began a referral program rewarding customers for referring Tesla to friends & family, which has been highly successful. That referral program led to one Tesla customer referred over 180 people to purchase a Tesla. That same one customer also brought in $16 million, with Tesla spending $0 in terms of advertising.
  • Nike is also another great example of focusing on its clientele. Nike ditches product descriptions &, instead, focuses on the wearer & his/her experiences wearing Nike – the kid who finally hits her half-court shot or learns to run for the first time. Of course millions of athletes sport Nike’s brand, but the company uses their “Average Joe” clients who believe in the Nike brand. In turn, Nike represents these regular people in their marketing strategies.
  • Airbnb recently increased its focus on brand marketing, which resulted in them cutting their performance marketing spend by over 25% percent. Airbnb reports that they are experiencing its strongest earnings ever in Q3 2021, after launching its first global brand campaign, “Made Possible by Hosts”, in Q1 2021. This campaign centers around its customers & through their eyes as travelers, whether it’s an average family vacation, solo trip, or adventure.


Your customers should consistently & constantly stand as the focal point of your marketing strategy. After all, your brand would not succeed without their support. Are you unsure of how to begin utilizing your clients? Contact us today – we can help!

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