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The Uptown Girl Media Team conducts research on a daily basis and uses their findings in producing weekly blog posts, which are readily available and easy to understand. Our blog is a snapshot for our clients and potential clients to see why we do what we do and what makes us experts in our field. Us sharing our knowledge is an opportunity for our community to learn what is happening in the marketing world and how it impacts your insights… all while we create your content.

Two Qualities that Top Salespeople Possess

Jul 30, 2021

Written by Jamie Hanzo Edited by Allison Herrera⁣ Is emotional intelligence the core factor that makes a salesperson successful? Some might say so, however, studies show that it is not the only factor that makes someone good at sales. Journal Marketing discovered that having a high level of emotional intelligence is “not enough” to make […]

Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

Jul 26, 2021

Written by Brittany Prats Edited by Allison Herrera⁣ Social Media is quickly transforming the marketing world by making it easier for businesses to directly target their audience in a more personalized way. In fact, social media has become such a game changer for marketers that 78% of salespeople who are active on social media are […]

Adidas – Built for Community

Jul 19, 2021

Written by Blake Ecuyer Edited by Allison Herrera⁣   Adidas, one the world’s most recognizable athletic brands, has captured lightning in a bottle. Their apps, “Adidas Running” and “Adidas Training”, have fostered a new community. Adidas has carved something unique out for themselves by combining a workout with the social aspect of being in the […]

Closed-Loop Marketing

Jul 12, 2021

Written by Becca Miller Edited by Allison Herrera⁣   Ever heard of closed-loop marketing? If not, that’s okay – we’re breaking down what it is, what it isn’t, the benefits, & the dos & don’ts of this strategy. This strategy is vital to understanding your customers and their behavior, without being super creepy.   Let’s […]

So, Why Us?

Jun 28, 2021

Written by Becca Miller Edited by Allison Herrera⁣   It may come as no surprise that marketing is telling consumers why they should go with you or your brand. Don’t worry, we know that marketing is more complex…we just wanted to keep things simple. This is that blog post. We’re breaking down for you exactly […]